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Neurologic News

Updated: Jul 10

World Renowned Occupational Therapist - Teepa Snow

4th annual Dementia and Parkinson's Wellness Expo 12.7.23 "A Day with Teepa Snow" at Florida State University - Panama City Teepa Snow, World Renowned Occupational Therapist and Dementia expert will discuss the importance of exercise on brain health when someone is living with dementia and other neurologic conditions. The information provided in these sessions is also essential knowledge for all public safety personnel and first responders. Attendees will learn signs that are indicative of dementia to gain an awareness of when specialized support and approaches may be required. The session will also provide techniques that reduce distress, encourage acceptance of assistance, and improve overall outcomes.

A Day with Teepa Snow 4th annual Dementia and Parkinson's Wellness Expo 12.7.23 Various sessions through the workshop will address typical issues that occur from early stages of the condition, through mid-disease, and into the final care concerns that are part of the progression. Dementia = brain failure

John Chapman

Fighter / Champion Chapman's Champions John will join Teepa Snow on the stage at Florida State University 12.7.23 to demonstrate how he Fights Back against his greatest opponent - Parkinson's disease!!

DEMENTIA - Keep Responses Positive A common language for "dementia" is necessary to create a cohesive and clear Caregiver culture. Published in GO Christian Magazine Fall 2023 issue - pages 44-45

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