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My Disability is Invisible NOT Imaginary

Updated: 7 days ago

"This program is designed to discreetly allow travelers to let others know they have a non-visible disability. The Sunflower symbol, printed on a lanyard, badge, hat, wrist bracelet, pin or other branded item, indicates that a person may need more assistance, extra time or patience."

How does it work?

The program is voluntary and any traveler that feels they have a hidden disability can request a free Sunflower lanyard/badge at airports that recognize the Sunflower Program. Hidden disabilities can include people with sensory conditions, autism, epilepsy, limited vision, deaf and hard of hearing, difficulty walking or standing and more. Once a person has a Sunflower wearable, they can keep it and use it whenever they travel through RSW or any other airport or location that recognizes the program. Please note, wearing a lanyard does not guarantee fast tracking through security or preferential treatment. Passengers are still required to arrange for special assistance with their airline and TSA Cares.

"Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep the lanyard and Sunflower products once they have been issued? Yes, it is yours to keep and use in other organizations and airports that support the Hidden Disabilities Program.

Do I need to disclose my disability? No, participants will not be asked to disclose their non-visible disability.

Can the Sunflower products be used elsewhere? Yes, the Sunflower wearables can be worn in all places that recognize the Sunflower Program.

How can I learn more about the program? To learn more about the Sunflower Program and locate other participating organizations, visit the Hidden Disability Sunflower Program website at "

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