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BEE Dementia Friendly - FREE Training with Teepa Snow & FREE Training Handouts

Updated: 7 days ago

The "6-Steps to BEE Dementia Friendly" offers family members, caregivers, first responders and all those interested in learning more about dementia the opportunity to learn from Teepa Snow, Dementia Expert. You will learn effective strategies to use when communicating and helping your loved one with dementia. You will learn strategies to use and strategies to avoid at the different levels of dementia. After you have completed the 6-Steps, please rate the training and provide your email address so that we can send training handouts to you. A few of the training handouts are shown below with the video from Step 1: Teepa Snow explaining "What is Dementia?"

Teepa Snow's website:

On YouTube you can search for topics dementia related with Teepa's name. She has been educating the world about her Positive Approach to Care for 20 years!!

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