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"When providing care I use a 'GEM focus' to better understand the person living with dementia, what the unmet need might be, and how to respond in the best manner to support function and independence for the person living with dementia.

Using a "GEM focus" helps me...

  • see what skills remain,

  • learn how to support and use those skills, and

  • utilize consistent ways to provide the support needed to achieve a desired outcome. 


I like the fact that everything is based on what the person is still capable of doing and that when I use visual, verbal, touch cues (in that order) together with a Positive Physical Approach makes the difference between anxiety and refusals to cooperation and communication that provides the person living with dementia to maintain independence and dignity."          

About the GEMS

  • Help us to see what remains and learn how to support and use those skills

  • Give us consistent ways in which we can  provide support for the best chance of success for each person based on what they can do and what they need help to do


How do the GEMS help?

  • Use familiar concepts to talk about a difficult subject

  • Focus on what is valued

  • Allow us to get beyond the words dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

  • Open the door to talking about changes

  • Allow us to speak in code to protect dignity

  • Offer strategies and techniques to improve care and interactions

  • It’s not all about loss, it’s about life!

GEMS and POSITIVE APPROACH are trademarks of Positive Approach, LLC.

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